Finger Foods

Food Thumb” is the generic name for foods of small size (about the size of a bite) that baby can eat alone. It is important to give your baby to eat this way because I develop motor skills and coordination.
Baby is fascinated in the first phase of this kind of direct contact with food, of course it will make a mess, but do not rush to tighten than when he finished eating.

Thumb such foods can be introduced starting in the 8th and when clear signs that baby is ready: it can easily take objects from the table, the spoon is fed.

For starters, put a few pieces of food (4-5) in baby dish leaving enough time termine.Eventual them, as is almost over, add a few.

The most convenient is if the baby is place where you eat (See table). This avoids the situation in which the baby can drown.

Thumb Food a few suggestions:

Fruits: you can cut small pieces of cooked and peeled fruit well (Banana, Mango, Prune, Pears, Peaches,  Melon, Seedless watermelon,  Sliced ​​grapes, Dried apricots and soaked)

Dairy products cubes of cheese, tofu  Cheese cubes

Eggs. Eggs can be cut and placed in baby food only after 12 months. You can cut small pieces.

Vegetables and meat:    Dishes cooked and well cooked vegetables, like carrots, peas, zucchini, potato or sweet potato, small “trees” of broccoli or cauliflower cooked well, pieces of meat boiled chicken (or other meat tender) the size of a pea.


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